How to invite peers to the University?"

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  • How to invite Peers to your University?

    Once you have created your online University, it's time to invite your Peers to let them access the University resources to learn. At the same time, you can even seek their feedback and engagement on how to make the learning process more effective. Here's how you can do it.

    Inviting Your Peers:

    Login to your University and navigate to PEERS page.


    Click the + button and choose "+ Invite Peers to university" option from the list.


    Invite Peers by email:


    Invite Peers by email ids with email addresses and click Invite.

    You can type in multiple email ids separated by commas and click Invite.


    Invite Peers by organisation domain name:

    By adding your organisation domain name, you can pre-authorise Peers to access university easily.


    Choosing the status of peer invited:

    After inviting the peer, you can choose them as a User or Admin by clicking the relevant option.


    You can change the status of your invited peer from Admin to User or vice versa with a single click.

    So, Go ahead and set the ball rolling by inviting Peers to your online university.

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