Hospitality is a fast-paced industry, where the customer demands excellent service. You need well-trained staff to deliver it, but how do you find time to onboard new hires and keep your business running?
AdaptiveU makes it easy.

Protect your profits: Start onboarding from day one (or earlier)

For new staff in any industry, there's a degree of "learning on the job". However in hospitality, when customer service is everything, new hires struggling to find their feet can cut into your profit margins.

With AdaptiveU, you can invite new staff to join onboarding 'universities' - your online training portals - from the moment you hire them, ensuring they have a baseline of training before they ever meet your customers.

Restaurant Training

Boost team morale with flexible training

Working in hospitality means a certain flexibility when it comes to shift patterns, but it can give you a headache when trying to find a suitable slot for staff training, and usually results in you:

  • Closing the venue to prioritize training
  • Making your staff stay after hours
  • Dragging your team in on their days off

AdaptiveU makes troublesome training a thing of the past. Build courses that can be accessed by your team anywhere, any time, and receive notifications when they've completed their challenges.

Restaurant Manager Training

Deliver practical training from practically anywhere

'How to' videos are some of the most popular on the internet, and AdaptiveU supports all kinds of media content. Take videos from sites like Youtube and Vimeo and add them to your universities, to teach your staff how to perform practical tasks like:

  • Using the coffee machine
  • Mixing a cocktail
  • Loading the dishwasher

With AdaptiveU, practical learning no longer has to be "in person".

Restaurant Training

Create customer-focused staff, with customer-focused training

Excellent customer service starts with a smile, but it doesn't end there.

AdaptiveU allows you to create customer-focused universities to ensure that your staff put the customer first in everything they do, so your business feels the benefit.

Training Restaurant Employees