Every business around the world demands a flawless strategy when it comes to training new employees. Reason? Maximum employee attrition takes place in the first 30 to 45 days of hiring new employees or at junior levels. New employees get exhausted with the rigorous, conventional and monotonous training schedules and decide to leave or let go by the companies due to their underperformance. And being a business, you are left with a number of unfinished project engagements and accelerated training outlays. Here, AdaptiveU comes for your rescue. AdaptiveU leads other online training courses and proprietary training materials by a mile because of its ease of use and flexibility of content.

AdaptiveU is simple, powerful and FREE!

AdaptiveU enables you to set up a personalized and completely customizable training substance to train your new employees. In AdaptiveU, our motto is to let you furnish a training program for your new employees, which is self-paced, highly customizable and, moreover fun to begin and end with. That way, the new hires of your company or training institution remain engaged and in addition, enjoy the training sessions, which in return strengthens employee engagement and loyalty.

Actualize Your Dream Training Program With AdaptiveU

We believe, training courses should be fun and inclined towards employees than just accomplishing a training agenda. After all, your employees are the ones who make or break your trade. Their interests, suggestions and influence levels matter the most. That is why, in AdaptiveU, you are free to experiment with the training objects of your choice to train new employees. Add videos, HTML scripts, embed animated contents, add hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or specific goal oriented training content. What's more? Modify and update the courses within seconds, if and when necessary. All this and a lot more can be done with AdaptiveU. So, unleash your imagination and get started with constructing an exclusive training program to train your new employees.

Enlist Your New Employees With Perfection

In our opinion, push isn't always necessary to get things done. You get maximum results by making things easy, approachable and fun. AdaptiveU empowers you to transform your new bunch of amateur employees into a band of knowledge hungry, enthusiastic professionals, who are open to new challenges and love to learn even more with every passing day. With the current set of exciting functionalities, AdaptiveU adds that missing spark of hearty competition in your brand new workforce that could work wonders for them and your business. AdaptiveU enables them to earn badges, achieve self-paced learning targets and get the corresponding points.

Your new employees will also be given a personal inbox for message sharing, a settings pane to customize their profile and a peer panel to recognize their learning ranks. We understand the importance of recognition and rewards as well, the "Store" activates that concealed learning zeal of your employees to win their favorite elements from the store and in the process, you train the new employees with ease and confidence.

So, what are you waiting for? Start giving new dimensions to traditional and outdated training methods to train your new employees. Get the ball rolling from here.

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