AdaptiveU is perfect for engaging with your

  • Employees

    Train, track, and manage your employees' progress.

  • Students

    Get rid of the classroom and start teaching in the cloud. Online course creation has become easier than ever before.

  • Customers

    Reward your customers while helping them understand your product.

  • Community

    Create and explore challenges to build a better community.

Use content from anywhere

The web is packed with incredible content. AdaptiveU lets you create online courses by combining your favorite videos, articles, and websites to build your curriculum.

Teach from the cloud

The power of online learning means the world is your classroom. With AdaptiveU, teachers and students alike can engage meaningfully from anywhere on Earth.

Track progress & rewards

Track everyday progress, award virtual currency, and create excitement with gifts.

  • Track Progress

  • Award Points

  • Give Gifts

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