Channels are the chunk of intermediaries that take the product/service from the manufacturer/creator and deliver it for the consumption of end-users. Many businesses sell through distribution or multiple channels as they help bring their products or services to the market.

Since distribution channels help you to expand your business into new territories, they are familiar with the business requisites. However, you need a well-planned channel training program in place to train and improve your distributors' product and marketing knowledge and enable them to deliver the optimum ROI. This is where AdaptiveU promises to do a lot.

Train Your Channel to Grow Big

Channel training needs you to develop customized training modules for different aspects. For example, modules focused on teaching distribution sales techniques would include training on time and territory management; development of distributor capture plans; creation of unique sales programs; and an overall strategy to solidify plans for distribution channels.

On the other hand, training for developing critical channel sales competencies would focus on developing a company and territory sales plan; crafting plans for distribution channels; identifying and targeting high-potential distribution channels, resellers and distributors; planning new sales techniques for gaining distributor commitment and mind-share etc.

With AdaptiveU, you can import all necessary content and multimedia elements in one place to create customized training modules for channel training.

Ease and Convenient Method of Training

You can also create online classrooms and online universities with AdaptiveU for a particular distribution channel to address issues plaguing it and help it to improve its performance. With the flexibility to access such content at their pace and convenience, your distribution channels will be able to get trained without affecting their day-to-day work adversely.

Trouble-Free Progress Tracking

With AdaptiveU, you can train, monitor and manage the progress of your channels efficiently by opting for monthly weekly, hourly, daily, or particular goal-oriented modules. Even checking if your channels are meeting your sales expectations become a cakewalk with AdaptiveU. What's more, your learners can send the trainer/instructor direct messages via their free personalized inbox to get help about a particular problem or roadblock they have encountered.

You can make the training more exciting by rewarding the successful participants with virtual currency, which they can use to buy gifts from the store.

Since a majority of your channels are probably never trained formally in how to do their job effectively, your training needs to be simple, efficient and blend an impressive style with meaty content that can help them. With AdaptiveU, you can create your training programs quickly by combining articles, infographics, videos and audios, links to websites, etc. that are interesting and user-friendly.

Successful channel training is all about having a curriculum that's both compelling and persuasive. At the same time, it should be very accurate and relevant to your particular channels. AdaptiveU lets you do all these with ease, which is why you should check it out without any delay.