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In today's highly competitive scenario, companies no longer have time to let new hires learn on the job. Rather, getting new employees productive right away makes a lot of sense in terms of increased productivity and savings. That's why employee onboarding has become a big deal.

With AdaptiveU, companies can leverage e-learning for new hire training and employee orientation in a fast, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Design a flexible and modular course

People have different learning styles and needs. Your company's employee onboarding program should take this into account and create courses that let new employees learn easily, as and when they want to. With AdaptiveU, your new hires would feel they have complete control of their learning material, thus making them eager and open to learning. You can get content from anywhere on the web or from your organization's library and use various elements to craft the learning curriculum (videos, documents, images, files, embedded links to additional reference materials etc.) to tailor a course from scratch. Then, you can configure it to make it visible to your new hires, who can then access it on their desktops or laptops to learn and get ready for the new job.

Encourage involvement to get them hooked

A good and effective onboarding program is guided by the three B's - Belonging, Believing and Behaving. With AdaptiveU, you can do all these easily. You can use free email invites to invite the new employees, categorize them based on their job roles and assign them to different user groups. This will help them interact and learn from each other. Thanks to features like the forum (for discussions, exchange of opinions and ideas), instant messages and notifications, challenge peers (to compete for and complete a challenge to earn points and badges), employees will feel a sense of belonging, feel proud to work together for the company and get clear ideas on expected behaviors and outcomes for the job.

Make it engaging and real

Employee onboarding programs aren't just about the employees. They also depend a lot on the support and feedback from seniors, who often offer essential pieces of information in the onboarding program through personal anecdotes. This way, you can bring forth the stories and incidents that resonate with your new employees, thus showcasing your organization's messages - as real as it gets.

The key to a successful workforce is to have people who are highly productive and engaged. With an employee onboarding program developed with AdaptiveU, you can achieve just that with ease and at a fast pace.