AdaptiveU is an online learning portal. Unlike other training portals and university courses available online, AdaptiveU lets you create and manage your own online university within minutes. With this online university, easily integrate personalized courses and training materials for your team members or students and help them learn and evolve. Progressive learning is an important prerequisite of any expanding organization. You may be a training institute, a government body, an enterprise or a large multinational but, one element that aligns them together is the continued stipulation to learn and grow.

AdaptiveU is simple, powerful and FREE!

AdaptiveU not only helps you in optimizing the learner within but, also helps you and the team members to achieve and excel beyond set learning parameters and grow exponentially. It enables you to create your own online university with personalized online courses and easily achieve your predefined learning targets.

Takes Only a Few Minutes To Setup

When you hear the expression "Create Online University", you may turn watchful and start doubting the whole process of creating an online university. Don't get distracted; Creating a university in AdaptiveU is easy. The registration process is simple as ABC. You get an account setup within minutes with your Google or Facebook login credentials. Add your online university details and you are done! That's all it takes.

Easily Add Personalized Courses and Training Material

Adding courses and training material in your online university couldn't have been made easier. You do not need to know programming or be a technical expert to create the courses of your preference. You could use your own personalized training material, embed your youtube channel videos, add graphics or logos of your choice and moreover free to create unlimited courses. AdaptiveU enables you to create personalized, goal oriented online courses for your students or team associates without any technical expertise. You can also choose to keep your online university private for your organization or make it publicly accessible outside your organizational sphere.

Learn and Earn

Unlike a regular university arrangement, where courses are taught in a conventional manner, AdaptiveU lets you learn at your own pace. Our goal in AdaptiveU is to make learning simple and fun. You can attach fun and engaging assignments to a course and get your team members or students engrossed in no time. AdaptiveU also enables you to add rewards and prizes for your team members on completing specific tasks or courses to keep them motivated to learn and grow even more.

Live Notifications, Messages and More

Other than the simple management of all of your online universities, you also get live notifications on course or badge approvals, a personal inbox to send or receive messages to your team members, a dedicated peer panel that let's you witness total points, rankings and other attributes of your team members.

AdaptiveU is the one-stop solution for all your learning essentials. It's easy to setup, fun to use and extensively engrossing. We bet you can't wait to try your hands on it. Get started from here .

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