Our Stunning Features

Features that help you deliver the best learning experience

Course Creation

  • Course Builder

    Tailor a course from scratch for your online university easily. Launch courses in a few simple steps.

  • Include Video

    Get creative with your courses by adding your own videos or videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

  • Upload Files

    Enrich your courses by including files that contain documents, images, presentations and more.

  • Pop Quizzes

    Test your learners and evaluate their strength by adding quizzes to the learning modules.

  • Course Planning

    Configure when a course becomes visible in your university so that your peer can take it up.

User Management

  • invite-users-online-training

    Invite Users

    Bring in friends, acquaintances, people you know and the ones you don't to your online university with free email invites.

  • group-training

    Create Groups

    Categorize the peers of your university and assign them to a user group. Keep your learner base organized.

  • peers-invite

    User Role

    Give peers extra privileges by making them Admins and let them play an active role in your university.

Exclusive Branding

  • Custom URL with subdomain

    By creating an online university, get your very own subdomain. You can even customize the URL of the subdomain based on your preference.

  • White Label

    Get the power to replace AdaptiveU branding with your own branding on your online university landing page. Power up learning with right name and logo.

Mobile Responsive

AdaptiveU works great on your desktop, laptop and mobile devices, delivering an optimized site that requires fewer adjustments from your end.

Your online university adapts to the screens of various mobile devices so that all you have to do is focus on creating the best course for your peers.

Messages and Notifications

Instant Messages

Interact with your peers via instant messaging from inside your AdaptiveU university. Provide feedback and interact with your peers easily.

Stay Notified

Track the progress of each user in your university. Access information of badges completed, the time frame, the points earned and more.

Beautiful Templates

AdaptiveU has email templates for every occasion. From inviting a peer to congratulating them on a badge completion, we've got it covered.


Each challenge offers a forum where you can voice your opinions and exchange ideas. Initiate a new discussion inside a badge and encourage peers and trainers in the university to join in.

Track and Monitor

User Progress

Get alerts for incoming messages, challenge for approvals and purchases at AdaptiveU. Never miss out on your activity anymore.

Export Reports

Generate reports that illustrate the progress of users on a graph. Easily export these generated reports as csv, txt, or excel files for future lookup.

The Review Process

Review user responses with a resourceful admin tool that collates and displays the responses for different badges in your university.

The Admin tool contains elements that depict the type of badge, determine the completeness of the response and help you to approve or disapprove the response.

Game On

Reward Points

Assign points for a badge, award points for completed challenges and allow users to compete for a spot on the university leaderboard.

Challenge Peers

Let the peers in the university challenge one another to complete a badge and earn more points. AdaptiveU brings out the fun in learning.

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