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Custom URL with Subdomain

Get your own, customizable subdomain URL when you create your online university.

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track progress

Track your learning progress and see where you stand by comparing your learning with other people in the university.

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Keeping track of your progress

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Share team resources and inspiring content.

AdaptiveU Desktop Application

share takeaways

Encourage people to submit takeaways and acquire learning minutes on recommended links. With AdaptiveU, let your learners recall what they have learned while submitting their takeaways.

Promote a transparent culture where takeaways double up as a place for learners to share their perspectives. Discover how effective the content was, add links based on the feedback and improve the learning experience.

get custom Url

Learning Minutes

Assign learning minutes for the Links that recommend for people to acquire when they complete their learning. Learning minutes enables learners to see where they stand in comparison to their peers.

Shared Learning

Create specific learning tracks for a group of people in your organization. With tracks, admins can deliver an exclusive learning experience to a specific number of people based on their skills, areas of interests and more.