Necessity, being the mother of invention, has been the driving force of many ground breaking innovations. Technology has constantly amazed the world by its capability to bridge the physical presence between individuals, enabling them to meet, discuss, and collaborate on a virtual platform. AdaptiveU is one such platform aimed at providing tutors and students with a chance to be inspired through education.

Teaching is one of the most respected and sought after professions. Propagating education and imparting knowledge have contributed to the global progress we witness today. AdaptiveU functions as online tutoring software to help you impart quality to your learning management system.

Tutoring Without Borders

The desire to seek education can unify people from many parts of the world. Be a part of AdaptiveU, a free e-learning software application that will help you impart quality education to deserving students across continents.

Categorize your Tutoring Course

In the ever-expanding online world, visibility and clarity can help attract students to your online university. Create independent lessons in the form of challenges and bind the related challenges into a course. Predefined categories help your students to identify the theme of the courses that make up your learning program.

Track and Monitor Individual Progress

Tutoring is pointless if there is no way to inspect the progress each student makes. AdaptiveU enables you to track the progress every student makes in a challenge. Celebrate the success of a challenge's completion by awarding points. Create a virtual store for users to redeem earned points for real time products.

Experiment with Varied Possibilities

Explore multiple possibilities to construct the perfect tutoring course for your online university. Go beyond the pages of a textbook and liven up the learning process by adding interactive videos, images, and much more using AdaptiveU. Illustrate the directions to complete the challenge through instructional steps.

Integrate the best resources that AdaptiveU has to offer into your online tutoring course. Build the best courses and provide quality education for the students in your online classroom.