The advent of internet has been the greatest game changer in the 20th century especially in the field of education. E- learning, the brainchild of technology and education, revised the traditional black-board methodology and helped to shape up a sturdy footprint in the digital platform.

Your free e-learning software, AdaptiveU provides an opportunity to accumulate knowledge through the coalescence of technology, interaction, multimedia and much more. AdaptiveU gives you the best of the resources to create a perfect curriculum for your online classroom.

Educate From The Cloud

AdaptiveU is a free, cloud-based e-learning software that helps you provide educational solutions to the students of your online university. Fill your online university with students from across the globe and enrich minds with interactive learning coursework.

  • Provide the best coursework for your curriculum without worrying about storage issues.
  • Debunk the necessity of a physically constrained classroom facility to teach.
  • AdaptiveU is available to you and your students anytime and anywhere and can be accessed at your convenience.
  • Embark on a learning experience that fills learning with challenges, badges, rewards, and knowledge.

Create Self-Sustaining Courses

Self-instructional coursework eliminates the need for a physical instructor to be available around the clock to clarify student queries. AdaptiveU frees students from having to search through a never-ending support section to find help by allowing you to create courses with clear, complete instructional steps.

Encapsulate an independent lesson into a challenge and bind related challenges into a course.

  • In AdaptiveU, each challenge has a number of steps directing students in achieving the badge.
  • Each step of a challenge can contain images, web links, documents, and much more embedded in it.
  • With AdaptiveU, the progress of a student in a challenge is saved and students can resume from the point they left off.

Customize Your Curriculum

Education is a field that remains limitless. The dynamic nature of the world contributes to the growing expanse of education and as a result, education is divided into multiple branches. AdaptiveU ensures that you get to promote learning in your free online university irrespective of the domain your learning program belongs to.

Experiment with a wide array of possibilities and incorporate videos, audio files, and presentation files into your course work.

Create and manage unlimited courses in your university. Create independent challenges of various sizes in your course and award a badge on the completion of a course.

Use any content available online that satisfies the goal of your education program.

Acknowledge Accomplishments

An accomplishment by itself is a rewarding experience. Provide the push required to motivate a student to complete a challenge. By creating free online courses in AdaptiveU, you can reward your students with points on the accomplishment of a badge.

Encourage healthy competition in the classroom by allowing your students to know where they rank among their peers.

  • Launch a virtual store to help convert earned points into real-life gifts.
  • Ensure that the students complete each step of a challenge fairly.
  • Evaluate students' work in every challenge and provide proactive feedback accordingly.

E-learning is the new fixation of the present and will remain so for a long time. AdaptiveU lets you take away the mundane and monotonous heavy coursebooks from learning and spark life into it. Let your free e-learning software aid you in the revolution to make learning what it was meant to be, inspiring and fun.

Initiate your very own online university in a few simple steps with AdaptiveU and start connecting with your students in seconds.