A learning management system, or LMS, is a particular kind of software application that is used extensively in e-learning. Whether you need to document something, prepare a report, track progress, or deliver courses and study materials to learners, an LMS is a great help.

This software has replaced conventional educational methods and the use of blackboards and other traditional tools. With AdaptiveU's free e-learning software, you can leverage technology to gather the best resources and multimedia assets to create a tailor-made curriculum for your learners.

Getting Started with AdaptiveU is Easy

AdaptiveU is an advanced tool to help you collect the best resources and create a basic framework for your study materials. You can also set up an online university, free of cost, and ensure a world-class interactive learning experience for your learners. If you are wondering whether it would be difficult to use such software, take heart. AdaptiveU makes it easy to get started.

All you need to do is sign up instantly with your Google or Facebook account and start creating your courses. Teaching people 24x7, wherever they are and whenever they log in, can't be easier than this!

Craft Courses to Meet Learners' Specific Needs

With its cloud-based software, AdaptiveU enables you to provide your learners with practical educational solutions to meet their particular needs. So, you can design courses for your sales team to meet targets and retain customers while a module for your IT team would focus on helping employees learn about the newest updates and leverage moden technology to bring a competitive edge to your existing offerings.

Keep Your Learners Engaged & Interested

Rather than create a bland, blanket course that would put your learners to sleep, you can now create targeted, fun, and interactive training modules with AdaptiveU to engage and teach your pupils effectively.

Get the Word Out About Your Training

Teachers or trainers looking to get the word out about their courses can invite students from different parts of the globe to join their AdaptiveU university. You can also assign students to your online classroom and let them enjoy learning in an interactive, fun way. While creating your courses, you do not need to worry about storage space.

You can use AdaptiveU whenever and wherever you want to, with customized study materials, videos, podcasts, infographics, images, and other multimedia elements to engage your students in an entirely different and unusual learning experience.

Customized Training Made Easy

AdaptiveU's value is in allowing you to create a tailor-made curriculum. If you do not want to follow stereotypes and would like to give the course materials a personalized touch, you can easily do that with the help of AdaptiveU. So, whether it's an animated character that acts as a conduit between different chapters of a course or a signature background score that breaks the monotony, you can get creative to make your classes interesting and fun with AdaptiveU.

Are you ready to get started with AdaptiveU?