Once you've developed a strong network of franchisees with successful business operation, now is the time to ensure that they're prepared for long-term success. Franchisors supply their services and products along with a method of operation that's mirrored across all their associate locations. The franchisee bears the key part of the risk associated with investment in return, but gets to bypass the hazards of advertising and inventory.

The cornerstone of this alliance is fidelity to a brand, based on the assurance that all consumers will get the same experience in every franchisee location - across a town, a country or a continent even. It's easy to say but highly difficult to attain, without precise attention to detail coupled with intensive as well as repeated training.

The AdaptiveU advantage

Designed to accommodate a significant number of users coupled with the ability to run as a robust server in accordance with your requirement - either in managed private cloud or in your data center, AdaptiveU takes up your franchisee training to the next level.

Whether you use it for a regional franchisee chain with smaller number of associate locations or a global brand with thousands of franchisees and lots of employees to train - it'll never let you down.

Unlike traditional classroom training, this LMS has no space or time restrictions, other than the ones set by you. Trainees can handle their training schedule in accordance to their time and convenience, removing the friction that may arise because of the conflicting training patterns (such as having trainings scheduled during working hours), which in turn lowers business disruption.

Running the LMS of AdaptiveU as a centralized point of training not only makes management and backup easier but also ensures that any updates to your training content disseminates instantly among each and every trainee.

Just a few reasons to choose AdaptiveU