Education today plays a vital role in human reformation and is an arena which creates a powerful impact. The cornerstone of education is the course work created for it. With constant feats witnessed in technology these days, AdaptiveU lets you make the maneuver of taking education to the cloud simple.

With AdaptiveU, create online courses required for your program easily. Start by creating a challenge for each lesson and then combine these challenges into a course.Let the type of program you conduct not get in the way of your course, get experimental and create the course of your dreams exclusively with AdaptiveU.

Easy Set up

A decisive factor in the credibility of a course lies in its curriculum. Spark the learning process in your very own online university and create the best online course by incorporating videos, links, and much more.

  • Conceptualize an independent lesson in the form of a challenge and fasten up individual courses into a collective course.
  • Theme your course from a list of categories to help students identify the basis of a course.
  • Encourage your students to complete challenges and reward them with points on the completion of a challenge.

Power up your school with the best tools

Tired of being tied up by a non engaging curriculum? Troubled by the wearisome attitude your students show while learning? Let these not be a reason for kids to drop out from your online school. Capture your students' awe by creating appealing course works by incorporating interactive media and much more. Let the innovator in you go bezerk, create courses stamped with your personalised touch.

  • AdaptiveU lets you include the best teaching practices to build your coursework.
  • Creating your university is easy and free.
  • Divide huge sections of your syllabus into challenges.

Users finish all included challenges to complete a course. Add instructions for each challenge to guide the users in successfully completing the challenge. Channel the best of the resources AdaptiveU provides to offer a compelling course of study for your program.

Celebrate with Rewards

Any effort to learn should be applauded! The hard work put into that achievement is be worthy of a reward.

  • AdaptiveU lets you reward points to your users on the completion of a challenge.
  • A challenge is approved by the admin only if the user has followed the instructions precisely.
  • Track users' progress in a challenge or course.

Get the participants to compete for points fair and square through the reward system. You can set up a virtual store where users can redeem their points for real time prizes. AdaptiveU promotes learning through a reward-based approach to encourage continual progress. Bank on AdaptiveU to instill learning and make it interesting with an array of amazing features at your disposal.

Personalized Courses For Your Learning System

The interest you garner for a program relies on the efficiency of a course you create. Creating courses for your online university lets you explore various avenues and helps to facilitate quality coursework. Your program is unique. Your course should be just as distinctive.

  • AdaptiveU kickstarts your learning paradigm by aiding you to create your customized course work.
  • Create a simple challenge for a stand-alone concept or combine a string of challenges into one course.
  • We provide you a free platform to create the coursework for your online university.

Unique Instructional Approach

The days of the blackboard are dwindling as technology has solidified its role in education and is slowly replacing obsolete methods. Drop the necessity of a physically present human instructor to guide your students through your course.

  • AdaptiveU allows you to adopt a step-by-step approach to guiding your students to complete the courses.
  • With the best of the free technical resources available from the cloud, you can create as many instructional steps as you need for your challenges.
  • That's not all! Each step allows you to attach Google docs, text documents, links, images, videos, and more.

Never let your learners veer away from the goal. Help them focus on enhancing their knowledge and complete the the course.