Schools, ever since their inception, have played a vital role in instituting education among children. Today, schools have become one of the fundamental pillars of life. Slowly, the evolution of needs led to the reformation of our bygone methods of learning.

AdaptiveU is what you need to embark on this new wave of education. Come, institute a Free Online School and discover the world where knowledge, in its best form, is propagated.
with AdaptiveU

Brick and Mortar No More

Have you ever wanted to revolutionize education? Have the tedious procedures and cumbersome processes involved in setting up a school held you back so far? Wait no more! Create your free online school and upload it to the cloud for the whole world to attend. Your days of a brick and mortar classroom will now be a distant past as you educate in the future.

Your Free Online School is governed by you and it runs on your rules.

  • Create independent lessons in the form of a challenge and connect individual courses into a collective course.
  • Give your course a theme from a list of categories to help students identify the basis of the course.
  • Encourage your students to complete challenges and reward them with points on the completion of each one.

Power up your school with the best tools

Tired of being tied up by an unengaging curriculum? Troubled by the wearisome attitude your students show while learning? Let these not be a reason for kids to drop out of your online school. Capture your students' attention by creating appealing courses, incorporating interactive media and much more. Let the innovator in you go berserk and create courses stamped with your personal touch.

  • Create exclusive courses by adding interactive multimedia tools like video clips, presentation files, and much more.
  • Each challenge can include steps that furnish all the details necessary to guide the student towards completion.
  • AdaptiveU is based in the cloud so that you can tailor your courses to your needs without worrying about data storage.
  • If you feel inspired by content on the web, share it as a part of your curriculum and let your students to feel inspired too.

Your online school for everyone

Have you ever wished to scale education globally? Did the task of being there for students of different backgrounds seem to be too daunting? Did the real-time possibility of a class involve only kids from a specific age group? AdaptiveU puts all those presumptions to eternal rest. Gather all that is necessary and launch your free online school for all those who have the desire to jumpstart their learning curve.

  • Your Free Online School can be a global institution with an unlimited student population.
  • Quash the need for fixed school schedules and permit your students to learn at their own tempo.
  • Reward every student on the completion of a challenge with virtual points that can be redeemed for real-life gifts.
  • With independent profiles for every student, track, monitor, and assess the growth of your online school easily.

Educate your classroom, the new way!

A school high up in the sky that educates students all around the world could have been a paradox in the dawn of the new millenium. Straying away from the curriculum set by the school's governing authority would mean trouble for the faculty. A world beyond heavy course books seemed pointless back in the day. Well, our software is here to break all the assumptions of traditional education.

  • Your online school is completely in your control, so don't second guess yourself when creating out-of-this-world courses.
  • Track your students and their progress in challenges and approve a badge based solely on the student's response.
  • Provide proactive acknowledgements and live notifications to alert students of their progress.
  • Since the transition to the next step of a challenge relies entirely on the completion of the previous steps, you can ensure fairness in challenge completion.

AdaptiveU is your free learning management system that can help you play a vital part in the movement to educate tomorrow's world.