Whether you offer products or services, you need your customers to understand how to use them for maximum benefit. Even when you are launching a new product or service, you should keep your customers "in the know".

This is where AdaptiveU can help!

Training for Optimum Use of Your Offerings

With AdaptiveU, you can share product manuals, useful snippets about how to use your products or services better, troubleshooting tips, additional resources, and more. Even training customers located in different regions becomes easier with virtual training modules created with AdaptiveU.

Create Training Modules with Ease

AdaptiveU lets you import various elements of your content into the system quickly. So, you can get videos, audios, images, HTML scripts, animations, etc. all in one place to create training modules that are valuable and impactful to your customers.

Affordable Training

If your customer base is small, you can opt for AdaptiveU's 100% free basic plan. With it, you can create your personalized teaching platform on AdaptiveU and train 250 members, for no charge at all. You can go Pro for just $99/month if you want to create training modules with no cap on instructors and peers. You can try it for free for the first month to train your customers, and if you plan to continue using AdaptiveYou, get billed from the next month.

Empower Your Customers with 24x7 Learning

You can do a lot to enable your customers and show that you care with virtual training modules created with AdaptiveU. This will help you build trust and make your customers see you as an authority on the subject matter.

Training your customers is often more challenging than employee training. Yet, when done the right way, it can help improve engagement and retention of customers while boosting revenue. No wonder customer training has become so important today. If you too have your eyes set on it, explore AdaptiveU today to leverage this affordable platform for creating an engaged customer base.