Classroom learning isn't always implied to be amusing. The conventional arrangements of teaching students are cumbersome and aren't favored by many.

However, the mechanism and methods of teaching students have been substituted quite a bit in the last decade, around the globe. However, there is always room for improvement since, number of educational institutions around the world proceeds with the same mundane, uninteresting forms of teaching students.

Educators and students alike, don't relish these time-honored educational techniques, and wish to practice and promote new and fun ways to teach and learn.

AdaptiveU tries to address that need by enabling you to create your own online classroom that are as entertaining and engaging as the knowledge it imbibes.

So, what does it mean to have your individual "Online Classroom"? AdaptiveU's online classroom is a virtual classroom,

You may be skeptical about the importance of the whole process and consider it troublesome to add students and courses to your online classroom. With AdaptiveU, creating an online classroom is easy and fun. Register with your existing Google or Facebook ID, add details for your classroom, include your favorite course material, invite and assign the students to those exercises, and you're done. That's all it takes to get your online classroom up and running.

Register Within Seconds and Start Building Your Online Classroom

Get started instantly using your Google or Facebook account. Once registered, start adding details of your favorite classroom. Add customized study material, videos, audio podcasts or anything you could think of in a classroom realm. Combine collective exercises into a single course or create individual courses, Invite and assign students to your online classroom and let the fun begin. Your students will love this self-paced, interactive and intuitive way of getting taught. Don't believe us? Try it yourself for free, here .

Achieve Engagement That Accelerates Learning

There are plenty of elements in AdaptiveU that enable your students to stay devoted to their learning. Self-paced learning, an internal messaging system, live notifications, social sharing, recognition, and rewards motivate users to achieve their goals.

Teach and Learn Beyond the Bounds

AdaptiveU empowers you to go beyond the predefined learning parameters of textbooks to achieve the learning goals. Divide complex textbook lessons into easy understandable chunks, add fun tasks to your courses, add respective points, offer bounties and help your students to learn and earn at the same time.

Enjoy Teaching From the Cloud, 24 * 7 * 365

All of your online classroom data remain in the cloud. All you need is an internet connection and a browser to get connected to your students and keep extending this never ending fun of continuous learning.