Compliance training refers to the process of training employees about the regulations, company policies and laws that they need to follow to perform their everyday responsibilities. Most organizations engage their employees in compliance training since they want to achieve a number of objectives.

First of all, it helps them avoid any violations on behalf of the employees that could lead to legal liabilities. It also helps them create a groundwork based on which they can either partially or completely defend themselves in case any wrongdoing occurs from the employees' end. Most importantly, a compliance training course helps ensure a respectful and hospitable workplace.

Such training requirements keep on varying with different companies. AdaptiveU brings you a simple solution with which you can address your compliance training needs the way you want.

Secure Content in the Cloud

Compliance training often uses sensitive data that you need to deliver securely to your employees. AdaptiveU gives you a safe, comfortable and efficient way to deliver your most critical information, thus ensuring compliance across your organization. By letting your employees' access and view mandatory training content safely and securely, AdaptiveU provides maximum retention.

Ease of Importing the Content into the System

With AdaptiveU, you can import all necessary content and multimedia elements in one place to create customized training modules for channel training.

Ease and Convenient Method of Training

With AdaptiveU, you can use content from anywhere. Be it articles, audios and videos, links to websites, infographics or multimedia element, you can easily import them all into the system to create your customized compliance training programs.

For instance, your sales team will have a different set of rules than those involved in the R&D. No wonder that a generalized module will not help them. They would need to know about the specific regulatory parameters applicable to their line of work. This is what you can accomplish easily with AdaptiveU since it helps you bring in different components into the system quickly to customize a curriculum that aligns with your unique objectives and include your policies and other relevant resources.

Better Training and Tracking

Training, tracking and managing the progress of your employees effectively is made easier by AdaptiveU. You can either set goal-oriented training modules or opt for those with monthly/weekly/hourly/daily training completion milestones to assess and track how well your employees are performing.

You can make such training more exciting by setting some goodies in your store and awarding points to the employees completing the training successfully. Your employees can redeem these points to buy gifts from the store, which could make them more interested in the training.

With AdaptiveU, you can train your employees on laws and regulations pertaining to their specific job functions and the industry, thus ensuring that they avoid violation of laws and abide by the rules.