Did you know onboarding is the key to engaging and retaining talent?Apart from helpinga new employee settle into the company and understand its culture, the right onboarding training program can also instill confidence by giving the new employee the information and tools necessary for becoming a productive member of the team. Yet, the way onboarding is approached makes new recruits dread it. With long, dreary and information-heavy classroom type sessions, new employees often find it tough to sieve the necessary information from the surplus ones thrown their way. With AdaptiveU, you can now change the way you train your new employees to nurture a competitive, efficient workforce that’s eager to learn more and get trained in newer skills.

Improve engagement and productivity

From videos and presentations to infographics and documents, you can now bring variety to your onboarding training with AdaptiveU by making advantage of public resources and those available on the World Wide Web. Without the need of engaging multiple trainers and conducting multiple training sessions, you can simply upload the training materials and appoint a supervisor as Admin who will review the progress of trainees through the AdaptiveU platform. From combining several related chapters into a single course, planning varied training levels, and creating a challenge for each training module together with instructions to complete it, you can make your training engaging, fun and easily accessible to everyone – all at the same time. When your new employees get trained effectively, their productivity too will rise.

Get your employees trained at anytime, from anywhere and using any device

Since your employees can access training materials through any device and at anytime, they can take advantage of the training in their free time without wasting crucial productive hours. With such self paced training that’s easily accessible, you can even save on crucial manpower as you won’t need to appoint a trainer or supervisor for each training module. Your employees too would be happy to get free access to training modules form the convenience of their chosen devices and from anywhere or anytime they find fit.

Make training competitive by encouraging team work

Training new employees isn’t just about making them aware of your company culture or brand value. Rather, it should also foster collaboration and competiveness. AdaptiveU lets you create challenges where peers of your online training course can challenge each other for a badge, thus keeping the essence of competitive learning alive. With trainee profile showing badges and modules completed, your new employees will be encouraged to compete with peers while you find it easier to track their progress and know who has completed which level of training. Since every challenge you create on AdaptiveU comes with a feedback feature, you can even get useful insight into what works and engages the most and what doesn’t, which will let you tweak your training modules faster, with just a few clicks to make them more engaging and effective.

So, start using AdaptiveU to train your new employees using the more effective, new-age method of leveraging a cloud-based learning platform.