If you have branches in different locations or are a multi-chain establishment with offices in remote locations, getting your remote employees to a centralized office every time for training would be taxing, both economically and logistically. With AdaptiveU, you can now train your remote employees effectively without needing to bring them all into a classroom or appointing trainers for each session.

Training for different levels made easy

You simply need to create your training modules using your in-house resources as well as various web and public resources. Since you can create multiple courses, you can accommodate multiple levels of training programs, right from your interns and new employees to team leaders and managers. Thus, you can get various groups of remote employees trained easily by offering a variety of courses. With features like challenges to encourage peers compete against each other, badges to show who has completed which level of training, instant messaging and group chats to foster learning via collaboration, AdaptiveU makes training fun and engaging. Thus, remote employees at every level will feel encouraged to hone their skills (and not feel marginalized and undervalued just because they are part of a remote team). This will keep them motivated and help them perform better.

Self-paced training

Training your employees isn’t a finite practice. Rather, it should run in tandem with their job role. With AdaptiveU, you can make training modules accessible to all your remote employees, who can simply login to their AdaptiveU accounts and start learning from anywhere, at anytime, and using any device of their choice. What’s more, they can get trained without taking a leave or losing precious job hours. So, while someone can access the courses during commute, some others can learn during their lunch breaks. The essence is to encourage learning without being restrained by the traditional shackles of classroom or instructor-led training. Giving such flexibility to your remote employees will make them feel valued, encourage them to contribute more towards the common goal and play a meaningful role in the bigger scheme of things.

Tracking employee training

While challenges and badges of AdaptiveU help you track which employee is at which level of training, the feedback feature lets you get insight into how well the courses are working by hearing it from those who matter the most – your trainees for whom the courses have been designed. By taking advantage of instant messaging, the remote employees can even reach out to their peers or supervisors to allay doubts, get advice on issues faced etc, all of which will make the training more encompassing and extensive. You can even create a virtual store where your remote employee can redeem their points (that’s awarded to them on their completion of a particular training module) for real gifs.

Training remote employees and fostering social engagement between them and their counterparts located in centralized offices is a tough task. Yet, you can take your remote employees’ training to a different level with AdaptiveU. Such training will not only get the remote employee up to speed despite being geographically dispersed but even make them feel part of the same organization and not feel alienated.