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Birth of Open Source Learning

The word open-source originated sometime in the late 80s. It all started when a guy named Richard Stallman decided to create the GNU project and throw it open to the public. Though the actual repercussions of that exercise was perceived only a few years later, it is generally considered as the fountainhead for the open source movement. This changed the world for the better. The most wonderful result of this was bringing people together. It resulted in a truly globalised world where people could learn from others, present miles away. Geography was no longer a barrier. Nor was technology.

Metamorphosis of Sharing Economy

With that little history lesson behind us, let’s fast forward a couple of years. The year is 2008 and a quirky little startup by the name of Airbnb emerged. What we didn’t know then was that they had created a company that would completely transform the very definition of sharing economy forever. What followed was even more spectacular. Think Uber, BlaBlaCar etc. With the advent of more such companies, ‘collaborative consumption’ became the new fuel powering the companies of today.

The problem of a remote workforce

With such an exponential increase in the number of companies (a.k.a the number of people getting hired), the most obvious question that comes to mind is this: How the hell are we gonna train so many people? Another related problem that companies face is an increasingly remote workforce. In such cases, keeping all employees in line with the mission and vision of the company becomes a problem.

We do it your way!

AdaptiveU was created with the idea of training employees at any place and from anywhere. This is completely in line with the sharing economy model, which is increasingly shaping our future. The reason for choosing such a name for our product is because of the flexibility we offer companies in their training and onboarding processes. As a company ( or the person responsible for training your staff), you have the complete freedom to design and structure your courses in a way that suits your business model and your ethos.

Features Galore!

AdaptiveU lays it out in a format wherein an online ‘university’ is created. This can be done for every type of skillset that the company is planning to acquire, via its hires. These universities will have challenges, taking their employees from amateurs to pros in a progressive manner. In order to keep them engaged with their peer group, we’ve provided options to let employees discuss and also actively challenge each other to learn more effectively. These are but a few of the extensive list of features that we offer. Do visit our site for more and don’t forget to sign up. It’s completely free (Nudge!).