When you talk about AdaptiveU, we always have room for more surprises. With the roll-out of another update, we bring you more features to make it easy to enrich the learning experience at AdaptiveU and not to mention, we’re completely ecstatic to let you all know what the features are all about.


From Youtube to Vimeo
Gone are the days when Youtube is all you had to add any videos to your online university. AdaptiveU now gives you the option for to add videos from another online video platform, Vimeo to your challenges. The procedure to include a vimeo video is similar to how you add a video from Youtube, but make sure that you have selected the Vimeo icon when you add the url into your challenge.


Chat Now With Instant Messaging!
Chatting is instant and chatting is in vogue. We’ve brought vogue into your Online University so that communication with the learners of your university is just a click away. Start a conversation without relying on external applications and with a status symbol, you can check if a peer is online or not.


So that’s all there is to know about the latest update. Keep watching this space for more updates that are ready to be rolled out and change your experience at AdaptiveU for the better and the best. Do register your thoughts, feedbacks, views and ideas at support@adaptiveu.io. Until next time, keep learning and stay adept.