No business can survive without the support and patronage of its customers. No wonder every successful business has an efficient customer service team at its core. Every interaction a business has with its customers affects its bottom line. But efficient customer service needs well planned training to prepare the people, responsible for it, efficient at their jobs. With a solid training program, the customer service team would operate seamlessly, delivering good service and support to customers consistently. In today's modern age where training needs to be delivered in a fast, efficient, user-friendly and flexible manner, you have the right solution in AdaptiveU.

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Create interactive courses

Customer service and support is a highly interactive activity. Your employees will need people skills to manage different tasks - from surprising and delighting customers, handling difficult customers with ease and finesse, dealing with chat interactions like a pro, making/returning calls to crafting emails and a lot more. With AdaptiveU, you can create tailor-made courses with documents, images, presentations, videos etc. to train your employees in all these aspects. By setting up challenges and encouraging them to invite their peers to compete and finish the challenges, making them answer pop quizzes related to the learning modules, pushing them to interact with peers via instant messaging, participating in forums etc, you can make the learning process fun, interactive and interesting. Once your employees are trained well, they will be able to address any concern at the first point of contact, improving customer satisfaction significantly.

Use instant notification to offer quick support

With AdaptiveU's instant notification feature, you can easily track the progress of each user in your training program. From noting the time frame taken to complete a specific module to accessing information of badges completed and the points earned, you can get real time insights into what works and what doesn't, apart from noticing who's having trouble following the modules. You can then tweak the content accordingly or offer additional support by way of embedded links, that will serve as additional reference materials, and ease the learning process.

Make training accessible for self-paced learning

AdaptiveU lets you design flexible courses and make them available online for self-paced learning. You can set a timeline for each module and make access available for a particular duration, within which the participants have to finish it before they move on to the next module. This way, they won't be unproductive while being trained. They can handle their respective tasks and learn in between, thus leveraging the best of both worlds.

With AdaptiveU, you can not only impart customer service training efficiently but even track how well the training has served your business needs by getting key personnel ready for the job.

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