Investing in the training and development of your employees is critical to your business success. However, in critical times and during financial crunch, this is the first thing is to be sacrificed. With the free platform of AdaptiveU, you will no longer have to let it go as you can easily create curses and make them available to your employees flexibly, thus ensuring the future success of your company.

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Training & Development Made Simple

You can create custom training and development modules from scratch or adapt existing content from any source to create engaging virtual classroom sessions, online programs, instructor-led cloud training courses, mobile learning or blended solutions. From using files, texts and images, audios and videos to storyboarding or course development and integration, you can do it all with AdaptiveU. By segregating the courses based on different learner groups and learning goals, you can even control access to these courses and ensure learners pass tests/answer quizzes to prove their retention of knowledge before moving onto the next level.

Improving employee value

Any organization thrives on a multi-faceted workforce with diverse skill sets who can perform different tasks and transition more easily from one role into another within the organization. Leveraging AdaptiveU's free platform, you can create effective training for "up-skilling" or "multi-skilling" your employees. While the former refers to broadening an employee's knowledge of an existing skill, the latter stands for training employees in new or related work areas to enhance their usability within the organization. Extending your origination's talent pool will not only help boost ROI but also reduce the employee turnover rates.

Rapid & Flexible e-Learning

As the mobile and smartphone user base is increasing rapidly all over the world, businesses are encouraging the BYOD culture. Thus, the need of the hour is to offer bite-sized learning materials to be delivered in chunks remotely, rapidly and flexibly on a range of devices. With AdaptiveU, you can do exactly that. Since it functions well on your desktop, laptop and mobile devices, delivering an optimized training module via AdaptiveU would mean fewer adjustments on your part to make it suitable for screens of varying sizes ad resolutions. Thus, you can focus better on creating the best training and development material and not worry about whether the content would be displayed correctly on different screens.

Your employee training and development programs should ensure that the knowledge imparted is leveraged and implemented to bring the highest return on investment. For this to happen, the courses need to be fun, interesting and interactive. AdaptiveU takes care of all these aspects to help you create a flexible and yet highly effective engagement model for your training and development needs.

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