How to create One Step Challenge?

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  • How to create create a One Step Challenge

    Instantly Create & Publish a Challenge

    This feature lets you create a challenge with just a URL link. When you use a web link that includes images or media content, such as YouTube link for instance, AdaptiveU populates the elements of the challenge by extracting information like the title, tags, a screenshot for preview and duration. The One Step feature works for any URL with content (videos, text, images) in it.

    Here's how you can create a One Step Challenge:

    Go to the Challenges tab and click the +button. Select One Step Challenge from the list.


    Paste a URL link and wait for the system to extract the information.


    The system fills the relevant fields with data related to the video.

    Verify the information and click the Publish button to add it to the university.


    #Tip: If you have challenges grouped by tags or topic, you can create a course that contains all your grouped challenges. You can get your People to complete a course. Here's how you can create your first course!

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