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  • How to add challenges to MyQ and generate learning reports

    Your Learning Queue

    MyQ is your learning queue that will display a list of challenges that were completed, challenges yet to be completed, and challenges that were reviewed but awaiting admin approval.


    Adding Challenges to MyQ

    From the Challenges page, click on the bookmark icon on a challenge to add it to MyQ.


    Adding a Challenge inside a Course to MyQ

    A Course cannot be directly added to your MyQ page. Only the Challenges inside a Course can be added.

    Click on a Course to list its challenges.


    Click on the bookmark icon next to the challenge name to add to your MyQ page.


    Removing a Challenge from MyQ

    Click on the bookmark icon on a challenge in the MyQ to remove it. When you retake a challenge that previously was in the MyQ, you can choose to start from your last-saved progress.

    MyQ Transitions

    When a challenge is complete, it will be moved from the Pending tab to the Approved tab.

    If the review of challenge requires approval, it will remain in the Requested tab until approved by an Admin.


    Generating Your Learning Reports

    Track your learning in the online university over a period of time with reports. By default, the report displays your progress over the last 7 days.

    Choose from last 7 days, last 30 days or input custom range as your time frame. Click the Apply button to generate the report.


    Use the search tab to locate a specific challenge from the list. To save a copy of your report as a CSV or TXT file, click the Download button.

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