How to create a Challenge?

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  • How to create a Challenge?

    A challenge contains a learning activity that peers in the university must complete. Each challenge is designated with points that correspond to the amount of time a peer spends on a challenge. These points will be awarded to peers when they complete the challenge. Super Admins and peers with Admin access in a university can create challenges in an AdaptiveU university.

    From inside your AdaptiveU account, click the Challenges tab


    Click the + button and choose "+ New Challenge".


    This will open the Challenge Editor. Let's look at how to configure different sections that make up a challenge.


    First, input the Challenge Title, assign points and add a description of what the challenge is about.


    Next, you can add steps to your challenge. A user can embed content or collect user responses in a step. Let's see how to configure the steps of a challenge.

    Search / Add Youtube Video

    You can include a YouTube video to a step by pasting the URL of the video. Paste the URL of the YouTube video and AdaptiveU then automatically retrieves the video along with the video description.


    Attach File

    The Attach File option enables you to add a file that's stored on your computer. After adding instructional content, choose a file and then click open button to attach the file.

    add-attach-step.png after-add-attachment.png

    Add Q&A

    Easily add a choice-based questionnaire in a challenge that will enable you to assess your peers. Input your question along with four possible options and then designate the correct answer. Repeat the same process to add another question in the questionnaire.

    add-qa-step.png qa-options.png


    With the embed option, you can embed videos or links to other webpages, blog posts, infographics and more.

    add-embed-step.png add-script.png

    Get Attachment from User

    This feature enables you to get a file from the peer. You can choose between accepting PDF, Image, DOC and other file types. Click the Get Attachment From User button and choose the file type by choosing an option from the available file types.

    add-get-attachment-step.png get-any-file.png

    Select a Category

    A category describes the theme a challenge is associated with. You can select a category for a challenge from the list.


    If you do not find an appropriate category for a challenge, click the "Add New Category" option in the list and input your custom category name


    Challenge Settings

    Challenge Response Settings

    You can choose the type of responses a peer should submit to complete a challenge. Choose Summarize if you want peers to review the challenge with a summary. The Rate and Review setting can be applied if you want the peers to rate the quality of a challenge and provide a summary


    Challenge Approval Settings

    The response that a peer submits can be approved and declined by the admin of the university. AdaptiveU lets you configure the mode of approving responses exclusively for a challenge

    By choosing the Administrators Only setting, all the peer-responses to a challenge will be collected and the admin(s) of the university can then review the responses.

    By selecting the Auto Approve option, the challenge will be marked complete as soon as the peer adds a summary and hits the Submit button.


    Other Settings

    Pause video: This option pauses the video in a challenge when the peer switches to another tab. The video resumes only after the user comes back to the browser tab in which the challenge is active.

    Email notification: This setting allows you to send all of your peers a notification email when the challenge is created in the university.

    settings.png settings.png

    After all the settings are configured, click the "Publish" button to add the challenge to your university.

    To save changes made to the challenge and also keep it hidden from the peers of the university, choose "Save as Draft".


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