While implementation of LMS has radically transformed the mode of corporate training programs, some business heads might still have questions such as - "Why should I implement a corporate LMS?" or "How would it change the current training outputs?". If you're one of them, making an informed decision is imperative. With AdaptiveU's free LMS, you can design and develop end-to-end custom learning solutions for your workforce to enhance their skills and provide them opportunities for growth.

Why AdaptiveU is different?

Flexible access

It's extremely crucial to ensure that employees across your organization get equal quality training. By using AdaptiveU's LMS as the primary platform for managing corporate training across your geographically dispersed company, you can keep training from being hindered and dominated by time or geographical restrictions. Training will become a continual process, available 24X7 at the fingertips of the learners. They can take part in group discussions, challenge peers, exchange and acquire knowledge over the LMS with the help of forums, IMs etc.

Eliminate dependency

Absence of face-to-face communication shouldn't mean loss of valuable information for the learners. With AdaptiveU, you can create your virtual classroom in almost no time. As the classroom data remains stored in the cloud, learners can access it anytime, from anywhere. It greatly promotes self-paced learning, increases knowledge retention and eliminates dependency on the trainer, not to mention bringing down unproductive hours as trainees no longer need to attend classroom lessons sacrificing their job hours.

How AdaptiveU helps Admins?

Secure exchange of training data

With its robust server and secure system, AdaptiveU's LMS eases uploading, accumulating and sharing of training materials in the form of documents, manuals, courses and assessments that complement your corporate training program. These resources serve as the repository for learners to access training materials easily.

Organized training process

AdaptiveU empowers the administrators to efficiently organize and manage the entire corporate training procedure. It allows you to schedule the training calendar and share with your learners and co-administrators. You can manage assessments and generate reports to evaluate success of the training program. With AdaptiveU, you can easily track any individual learner's progress on a regular basis.

With the increasing number of tech-savvy millennials in the workforce, it's becoming highly important for companies to provide web-based corporate training to their employees. Start using AdaptiveU to meet your corporate training needs today and let your employees enjoy its multifold advantages in terms of increased engagement, better knowledge retention and an improved output - all of which will help your bottom-line for sure.

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