Manufacturing Sector

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Train employees in several skills

A majority of the employers in the manufacturing industry look for employees who are multi-skilled and can perform any number of tasks. However, finding these employees isn't so easy. Most are unskilled and require training to perform a single task. Adopting a well-planned training and development curriculum will be helpful in teaching much-needed skills.

Course-based training offers many advantages, including growth in productivity and bridging the skills gap. AdaptiveU is a free online training platform that can solve your problem. You can develop and run courses on this easy-to-use platform to train your workforce cost-effectively.

Simplified Customized Course Creation

Picking some random training material may not be helpful to your workers. The best option is to develop customized courses to address the specific challenges and issues your workers face. These courses will also teach them the skills required to execute specific tasks while adhering to prevalent safety and security standards.

AdaptiveU is a one-stop-solution for all such customization needs. This learning management system (LMS) facilitates the use of interactivity, real-life work scenarios and multimedia elements. Custom content development becomes a cakewalk even for those with no programming or coding knowledge. You can tailor your own manufacturing training modules on AdaptiveU's cloud-based platform and put an end to using inefficient and ready-made e-learning courses. This will make your trainings educational, fun and user-friendly.

Emphasis on Safety & Security

In the manufacturing industry, employees often work in dangerous environments and use hazardous materials. Hence it is essential that health and safety training should be emphasized. It's best to train employees in such a way that safety procedures are integrated into their actual job practices. Teaching them about the basic safety guidelines, standard operating procedures(SOPs), consequences of not following the SOPs, ways to respond during emergencies to protect themselves and others, and the "do's and don'ts" in an emergency situation are absolutely necessary.

So, the employee e-learning training program should focus on overall safety and security. With AdaptiveU, you can create your own videos, share existing YouTube videos, or use images and infographics to design small courses. This way, you can teach employees about the environment they work in and the precautions and safety measures they need to follow.

Other Trainings Made Easy

AdaptiveU can also help with process training, good manufacturing practices (GMP) training and compliance training:

Process Training - Employees are trained on various processes, the stages involved and the steps in each stage.

Compliance training - Code of Conduct, Information Security, Anti-bribery Policies and more.

GMP training - Good Manufacturing Practices by the manufacturers of pharmaceutical and food products.

Faster Onboarding

You can also use AdaptiveU to create a short and efficient module for onboarding. The module will serve as a one-time course to quickly train new hires and bring them up to speed. Moreover, you can make revisions periodically to improve the course and keep up with emerging manufacturing trends. It only takes a few mouse clicks to update courses online and make them available on the AdaptiveU cloud.

Proper training of your employees can create wonders for your company's growth. Be it imparting a particular skill or a set of skills, AdaptiveU is at your disposal. Make no further delay, and sign-up to AdaptiveU to explore everything it offers for your skill training program.

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