Keep your practice on the cutting edge with cloud-based information exchange

Healthcare has been revolutionized by smart technology. Digital patient records, healthcare analytics, and predictive medicine are changing the way we practice medicine. But opportunities for innovation remain. AdaptiveU exploits the latest cloud hosting technology to provide forward-thinking family doctors with a patient-centered, private, and secure information sharing platform.

Save time explaining common medical conditions with a content library

You're committed to providing your patients with the best possible care. A key aspect of quality care is ensuring that patients and their families fully understand medical conditions and relevant treatment options. You can't outsource quality care but software can support it. With AdaptiveU, you select and upload videos and documents to one central location. You then offer patients access to this resource library to learn more about their condition and potential treatments.

Your patients want reliable, comprehensive information

The internet is littered with misinformation. You can guide your patients towards relevant and reliable information with your own AdaptiveU library. You have full control over the resources and advice available on the platform, which can be tailored to reflect your practice's specialities. You select only the resources that support and reinforce the service you provide in your office. In this way, AdaptiveU permits you to extend the personal attention you offer patients even after they've stepped out of your practice. Your expert guidance combined with AdaptiveU's technology gives your patients every confidence in their care.

Build trust between you and your patients

Curated, quality information is a key component of modern health care. Rather than directing patients to a generic website platform, or, worse still, offering no information at all, AdaptiveU allows your practice brand to remain front and center. You are your patient's primary care provider whether they are sat in your office or sat in their home. AdaptiveU extends your guidance into your patient's home giving assurance that they are receiving the best possible care even when you aren't present.

AdaptiveU key features:

  • A private and secure information platform -

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  • Information provided on your patient's terms -

    patients can access information in their prefered media format, where they like, and when they like.
  • Upload your own files -

    a centralized content management system for informational materials.
  • Create patient groups -

    organize your patients based on relevant factors, such as condition, treatment, or risk profile.
  • Use your own branding -

    lend your authority to quality information and foster patient loyalty.
  • Delegated platform management -

    let your medical team add relevant resources.

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