A majority of retail employees deal directly with customers, which makes it important to train them well so that they can offer high quality customer service that helps boost sales. Such training should not be a one-time method. Instead, it should be an ongoing, periodic program as the volatile retail industry is influenced by ever changing trends and market demands, which makes it important that the employees know how to keep up with serving the customers. Yet, most training programs for retail employees take them away from the floor into a classroom where they are either tethered to a computer, or trained by their team managers or supervisors in face-to-face sessions.

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This is where the need arises for cloud-based learning system that would help train retail employees while they continue doing their job on the floor. With AdaptiveU, retail customer training can now be taken online to offer interesting, interactive, bite sized or nano-learning modules. Let's see how you can leverage AdaptiveU for training your retail sales employees.

Continued learning for better engagement and productivity

For your employees, knowing about your products, brand and brand value is important as it would help them know how to interact with their customers while projecting your products and brand value in line with your business goals. You can create product and brand videos, slideshows or infographics and upload them on AdaptiveU as part of your training module to demonstrate your products and brand and teach employees how to bring them to life with care and attention while dealing with customers. You can even make short videos of your best customer reps in action (in different situations like dealing with an irate customer, handling a customer who has got a defective product etc) to train by example. By encouraging employees to compete with peers and take up challenges, interact with each other to discuss a course or training module via instant messaging, and participating in forums, you can make them engaged in the fun learning process. This will make them open to learning and trying out new things that match the changing trends and customer behaviors. Such learning will improve the way they interact with customers, thus giving a boost to their productivity.

Anytime, anywhere learning

Since AdaptiveU lets you create training modules that can be accessed online from anywhere and at anytime, you can make learning a self paced process for your retail employees. So, they will no longer miss their work to sit in a classroom and get trained. Rather, they can learn on the go, when commuting, during their lunch breaks, or even on holidays when they are in a mood to learn and have decided to browse through the training modules. The platform of AdaptiveU even lets you share public training resources and materials with the team. Thus, if the trainer or a learner comes across something interesting and useful that's believed to help in furthering knowledge, they can easily share it with others by embedding link to such materials. The others would no longer need to search for these resources and can readily benefit from the ones already shared, thus being able to invest more time in learning rather than searching for relevant materials and resources to complement their training.

Easy onboarding of new employees

New employees often feel overwhelmed when they have to process a huge amount of information during their onboarding sessions. You can make their lives easier with AdaptiveU by serving them with small chunks of information online in the form of documents, videos, group chats etc to help them understand the company culture, the brand values, their job role and other relevant information. You can even add pop quizzes to evaluate how well they have understood the information shared in such onboarding modules and help those facing problems.

To stay competitive in today's fast changing retail scenario, you have to ensure your customers are happy and keep coming back. So, empower your retail sales reps with customer service training modules that you can deliver to them via any device and at anytime, anywhere through the e-learning platform of AdaptiveU.

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