Working in the service industry is a tough job and it's no different for a restaurant. For handling guest influx, all your departments need to work seamlessly like a cog in a well-fitted machine. No wonder you need to train them in different aspects and ensure they know what's expected of them. From training the kitchen staff to improve efficiency and ensure they follow safety norms, training to improve guest service, to training every staff on safety, compliance and security, almost everything is done in-person. What if you could blend in online training with in-person training to make it a balanced approach and train your restaurant personnel better? That's exactly what you can do with AdaptiveU.

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Create short, engaging course materials accessible from anywhere, at anytime

Blame it on Steve Jobs and iPhones, if you may, but student engagement levels take a sharp beating after six minutes. So, create your training modules (using lectures, videos, documents etc) into segments of six minute or less on AdaptiveU. If you want to train employees across multiple locations and multi-chain establishments, you should focus on pressing issues these groups have in particular, if any, to deliver customized training suited to their requirements. Since AdaptiveU can be accessed easily online via any device and from anywhere, you can ensure cost-effective, self paced and consistent training for your restaurant employees. Even for onboarding, you can use the e-learning platform of AdaptiveU to deliver bite-sized informational chunks, thus maximizing knowledge retention without overwhelming the new joinees with a deluge of information.

Better customer service

Customers give your restaurant business the real impetus. So, from training your employees on how to make guests feel welcome and greeting them the right way, to making them learn seating arrangements, bussing tables, making sales (suggesting a specific drink or appetizer etc), serving food and drinks, wrapping up the guest visit and being successful as an entire team, a lot needs to be taught. With AdaptiveU, you can share files, documents, videos and other third-party/public materials and resources to encourage nano-learning on these matters. Coupled with in-person learning, such online training will make your workforce better prepared to handle customers the right way, thus making them your patrons for life.

Fun learning to boost engagement and productivity

Instead of boring lectures teaching servers to sell, kitchen staff to hold different knives the right way for the right cut, or making staff aware of security and compliance regulations, you can make learning fun with AdaptiveU. Leverage videos (your own or those available on Vimeo and YouTube), images, presentations etc to make your training modules interesting and fun that will create engagement and help boost your personnel's productivity. You can even add pop quizzes to your training modules to evaluate the learners' progress and encourage them to create challenges and compete with peers by inviting them. The basic idea propagated by AdaptiveU is to help your employees learn while having some fun.

High turnover staffing is a big issue with the restaurant industry. It's really disheartening when your trained employee leaves and you have to go all over the process once again to get the new recruit take theirhis/her place. With online training via AdaptiveU, you can bring down the training cost while ensuring your workforce gets the right role-specific/refresher/onboarding training to avoid falling prey to bad customer service, poor performance and job dissatisfaction.

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