Our Happy Users

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    Trina Mendez

    Training Team Lead - AnswerConnect

    AdaptiveU is a great training and learning platform that allows me to train our remote employees using a training style that appeals to both visual and hands-on users. AdaptiveU makes it so easy to share knowledge on so many different topics and ideas.

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    Santosh Ravindranath

    Product Owner - Distributed Source CRM

    I like how AdaptiveU is a collaborative, peer-based approach to training that gets employees involved in the what, how, and why of the process. Receiving a badge for having learned something feels rewarding. The Activity page and the Peers page give a pulse of what is popular in my peer network and help me decide what to learn.

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    Gillian Covillo

    CEA - AnswerForce

    AdaptiveU is a great tool for any prospective employee or employer. It stimulates learning, development and personal progression for every employee within their field. Its intuitive interface and gamification make learning fun and interesting for all users and encourages the habit of learning.

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    Kevin Payne

    CEO - Full Creative

    As a trainer, I love to read the reviews of peers who have completed the challenge. It helps me identify if the challenge is clear, if it has helped peers to achieve the desired learning goal, and it is great to see how different people respond to the same material in different ways.

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