Training takes a pivotal role in every organization since it plays a key role in shaping up an employee to the standards of the company. Its presence in the growth of employees has evolved to a stature that most of the organizations invest a lot of revenue in getting their employees trained.

What if the whole effort behind creating online training became much simpler and consumed way less time? Too good to be true, Well then AdaptiveU is just what you need.

Read on to know how AdaptiveU can help revolutionize your training sessions:

Your Virtual Training instructor

Did you always have the need to hire or appoint an instructor who had to be physically present to train the newbies in your organization? Did you have to face the daunting task to schedule every session of the training programme for multiple batches? Well, you are in luck since our software is here to take a considerable amount of load off your shoulders.

Append recorded video sessions and create a robust employee training experience for the trainees without the essence of the session wearing off.

Each individual chapter is called a challenge/badge and each badge can include instructions to help complete the badge.

Combine a multitude of related chapters into one course. Each course can be tailored to your choice of length.

Varied Training levels

Was it possible for you to accommodate only one level of training programme for your trainees so far? Did the training programme only revolve to develop the skills of the interns and new members in your organization? Fret no more, sign up with our free online learning management system and discover possibilities that will blow you mind.

Create free employee training for different categories of employees right from the interns to the pros and let everyone hone their skills.

Set up a free online classroom and invite your peers ti create badges, nominate them as admins to review responses of those who completed the challenge.

Keep no tab on the number of trainees that can take up the training, when it comes to strength of your classroom, throw numbers out of the equation.

Create free employee training sessions available 24x7 for all the members of your organization. We know that learning can be done anytime and anywhere.

Ratings from those who matter

Creating an online training course that ticks all the check marks in your list can consume a lot of effort and resources. But how do you measure if all those efforts have finally paid off? How well do you know if the goals of your lesson are a hit or a miss? Well, get accustomed to a feedback feature that comes with every challenge you put out on AdaptiveU.

Let the members of your Online training classroom decide for themselves if the challenge or a course really helped them.

Ensure that the every member completes a step in the challenge and then proceeds with the next one.

Give spontaneous feedback to the response received for a challenge. keep your peers in the loop of their performance in a challenge.

Every trainee gets a profile that illustrates the badges and courses they have completed. Now that's tracking progress!

Training is now fun and Challenging.

Did you think that the traditional training room can only spark the learning quotient among your peers? Are you concerned that creating an online training will not generate active response? Well, AdaptiveU is here to put all these scary notions to rest. Initiate that online training, open up your free university and scale the growth of what learning does when it partners with interactiveness and fun.

Institute an exclusive online training that is in the cloud which contains all that is necessary for the employees to grow and meet the standards of your organization.

Garner your source of inspiration like videos, presentations, docs and much more from the web and don't just stop with that, include them into your courses.

Allocate a point system where each trainee receives points on the completion of a challenge that can be traded for a real time gift in a virtual store.

The peers at your online training university can challenge each other for a badge and keep the spirit of competitive learning alive and kicking.

Join us at AdaptiveU, create free employee training courses and open up the doors to all the employees in your organization. Make learning something more than a necessity, become an innovator and turn it engaging and engrossing.